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Full Moon in Leo

What Does That Mean?

January brings our first Full Moon of the year and it is in the proud sign of Leo. This Full Moon has a lot of loud, in your face, energy. How have you been treating people? Have you been a little over the top and aggressive? It's time to reel your energy back in. It's also a great time to show yourself a little self-love. Ground your energy and get back in touch with yourself and show kindness to those around you.

It's Time to Forgive!

The Full Moon is all about releasing anything that no longer serves your highest good. It's time to let go of that heavy energy you've been carrying around with you. Forgive yourself and forgive others. I'm not saying to forgive and forget, but simply recognize that energy and surrender it to the Divine. It is time to deal with it and move on. When we live in a constant state of anger, we attract more. This is no way to live. Release that energy to make way for new positive energy and experiences in your life. Live in such a way that you manifest your dreams with ease.

Release It!

Write it down, all of it! When you are done, in a safe place, burn it. Let all of that low vibrational energy be released from you.

So It Is!

Remember to charge your crystals under the moonlight and put out some water so you can create your own moon water. Bask in the glory of the Full Leo Moon.


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