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Full Moon in Virgo

Feel those feels

February ushers in the Full Moon in modest Virgo. The energy around this Full Moon tends to be finicky and anxious. I don't know about you, but I have certainly felt all the feels leading up to this month's lunation.

Have you been feeling critical of yourself or others? Have you been complaining and allowing negative energy into your life? Man, do I feel called out! It's time to pause, step back, and really take a good look at yourself. Why are you tearing yourself (or someone else) down? Show some grace. Do you feel like you have been distracted lately and have been overlooking the fine details of your day to day life? All is not lost, check in with yourself on the Full Moon. Sit with your feelings, journal, and release any ju-ju you don't want to bring forward to the next month. We are cruising to Spring. The sun is out longer, the chill is a little less. Embrace mother nature as she wakes up from her winter slumber. Get ready to fully come back to life!

Housekeeping for your soul

At the New Moon we set our intentions for the month ahead. All month we work diligently to achieve our dreams/goals that we have set for ourselves. When we reach the Full Moon it is time to slow down, reflect, and release. All of that build up requires us to ground and center ourselves. Just like the moon that has grown so full, bright, and shining it's light for all to see... it too will retreat in the days ahead. It will slow down, re-group and then begin it's journey to becoming full once again.

Take time on the Full Moon to write down anything that you need to release or any people that you would like to forgive. I am in no way saying you should forgive and forget, but it's like gentle housekeeping for your soul. If you are carrying around heavy energy, or anger, you will attract more of that into your life. If at all possible (and safe!), burn your list of what you want to release. Send it off into the cosmos and lighten your spiritual load.

Sprinkle in some love

Don't forget your gratitude! You have made some much needed space when you let that shit go, so fill it up with what's going right in your life. Show appreciation for the people and every day things that add a little sparkle to your life. Sprinkle some love everywhere you go!

& So It Is!

Set out your crystals, make some moon water, and bask in the glow of the Snow Moon. Appreciate how far you've come and where you have yet to go. Amen, Aho, & So it is!



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