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New Podcast : Eclectic Moonlight

How it started

Just before New Years Eve I reached out to my friend Keisha and asked her if she'd like to join me for my weekly live on Facebook. Without hesitation, she said, "Yes!" The night went great with each of us taking turns doing card readings for everyone who hopped on to watch. It was easy, like we had it all pre-planned... but it was on a whim within an hour before starting that we dreamed up our collaboration. We loved it, everyone who watched it loved it, and we decided we needed to make it a thing.

& the Name?!

I'm a huge fan of dreaming bigger dreams and we talked about the possibility of creating a podcast to dive deeper into topics than we can on our "Cards & Conversations" nights. We decided to combine the names of our businesses, Eclectic Hedge and Moonlight Readings and arrived at Eclectic Moonlight. Keisha has since changed her business name, but Eclectic Moonlight lives on! I'm so happy to say that we released our very first podcast on Spotify yesterday!

Take a listen to our first podcast here. Learn a little about who we are and how our journey led us to where we are. Happy Listening & Stranger Danger for Life!


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