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New Moon in Capricorn

What Does That Mean?

January brings our first New Moon of the year and it is in work-oriented Capricorn. This New Moon has you focusing on your career goals. Where are you currently and where do you want to be? These could be two totally different places and it is up to you to take action if you want to finally make that change you've been thinking about. How can we ever expect something to change if we never do something to change it?

New Moon in Capricorn
New Moon in Capricorn

Set Your Intentions!

The New Moon is all about Manifesting your dreams into reality. This month, with the Moon in Capricorn, any intentions set around your career will see a boost. If you've been thinking about seeking a promotion, or even looking for a different career path entirely, this

energy will support you. Write down your intentions and then take actionable steps to achieving them. It is so important that you put in the work it takes to achieve your goals. Looking for a promotion? Set up a meeting with your boss or apply for that job. Looking for a career change? Start researching careers that set your soul on fire! The world is full of endless possibilities, it is up to you to take that first step!

So It Is!

Keep your intentions handy and refer back to them often over the next few days and weeks. Really reinforce what you want to bring into your reality. Envision it like it has already happened and the Universe will support you. Let 2024 be the year for change, abundance, and prosperity in all aspects of your life!


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