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Open yourself to help and guidance from the other side with easy exercises in two minutes (or less!) to meet and communicate with your ancestral guides.

Your ancestors want to help and guide you, and this book reveals effortless ways to communicate with them and to interpret their messages and symbols. You'll learn about your distant ancestors, including ancestors from past lives, as well as how to spiritually visit your ancestral homes and towns to connect with your earliest roots.

Discover your different types of ancestors, including angels, your ancestors of community, and your "Landcestors," those who sprang from the cultures and geographical regions where you began. Discover the ways in which your ancestors reveal themselves to you in everyday life--from a tickle on your cheek to the image of a long-ago ancestor/author who is helping you with a writing project in the here and now--and become attuned to the spiritual symbols and messages from the other side.

You will be amazed when you discover how easy it is to ignite your intuition and get answers from your ancestors anytime, anywhere, and about anything.

Answers From The Ancestral Realms

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