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Lepidolite is very useful in balancing your emotional body and calming the mind. It activates the heart chakra, releasing an expansive, loving energy. Lepidolite is a stone of serenity, and it assists you in finding the path to harmonious action to seeing problems as opportunities to learn. It is at its best when life is most challenging, calming frayed nerves and setting you on the path of willing acceptance. As it assists you in finding a strong calm center unaffected by your external experience, it also provides an energy of enlightened awareness that keeps you on the beam so you can handle the situation in the highest way, preserving integrity and well-being. It is also a stone of spiritual purification. It helps you disengage your sense of identity from the experiences you has had in the past, and instead encourages you to identify solely with the presence of the Creator and the present moment.


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