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Join me in celebrating the 4th year of Eclectic Hedge with this very special offering, curated especially for my loyal Eclectic Hedge customers. As I have done in the past, this is a very limited offering filled with so much love and intention.


Eclectic Hedge was born from a dream. I have always known that I wanted to celebrate my magical side, embrace my love of simple things, and share that passion with others who get it. I had struggled with the perfect name that would encompass all that I am and all that my business could be. That was honestly the hardest challenge I came across when dreaming up this business... besides competing with a pandemic.


I went to bed one night and left the decision to Source, surely they would know what to call it. I woke up that morning with a name on the tip of my tongue, Eclectic Hedge. I wrote it down in my journal that I keep in my nightstand and knew that something magical was about to happen. It started out simple, a Facebook page that I shared inspirational, witchy, and good vibes on. I didn’t know what direction I was going, but I knew that keeping it simple was a great start.


From there I went and looked at a space and dreamed about where my vision would take me. It wasn’t the right time at that point, but I knew I would get there. As I always say to my students, Intention is Everything! I took that to heart and focused on what that space could be and how Eclectic Hedge would come to life within those walls. Within a few short months, and being blessed with the means to move forward, Eclectic Hedge found her first home. Within that tiny shop magic vibrated!


Just a short year later we outgrew our sweet little space and moved within the same building to a larger space. The beautiful tapestry of magic flowed easily to the next shop. Every time I walked through her doors, she embraced me and filled me with so much love and purpose. I met so many incredible people and started teaching Reiki. The energy, the light, the absolute love and feeling of a soul family blossomed within those walls. For 2 years love flowed in that space until it was time to close her doors. Life, as it does, had other plans for me at the time. If I have learned nothing else from Eclectic Hedge, it’s to listen to yourself, trust the process, and know that this or something better is always conspiring in your favor if you believe.


Eclectic Hedge slowly moved into my home and settled into her new digs. She brought her magic and enhanced the Sacred Space I had already created within my sweet Milly on the Hilly (don’t we all name our homes?). My focus has remained in creating genuine connections with my customers, even if we have a more virtual connection now. I have joined you from my dining room table reading oracle cards, from my front lawn to talk about our week, and have even welcomed my Reiki clients and students to join me in my home to receive healing, learn, and form lifelong friendships. While this journey isn’t where it originally began, it is still tremendously beautiful and I am so blessed to be here and share it with you.


In the spirit of Eclectic Hedge and her journey, I have been called to make this offering for you, Magical Beginnings. Just as Eclectic Hedge was born into life, I hope that this offering will nurture and support you as you chase and embrace your Magical Beginning, however that may look for you. Use these tools to support you on your journey.


Your Tools

Howlite: I have sourced this piece of Howlite from a shop that has supported me on my spiritual journey. I had always dreamed that I would carry their products in my shop and had the pleasure of doing just that when they created their wholesale option for a short time. So, with keeping it to the origin of Eclectic Hedge, I share this piece with you. Howlite is the stress relief stone. It encourages you to let it go. Release stuck energies, and move on without being emotionally weighed down. Howlite also calls in partnerships, alliances, and friendships to support you. My wish is that this crystal will help you release any stuck energy and usher in the support you need to make your dreams come true.


Moonchild Beebop: It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the moon and all of her beauty at every phase. This Moonchild beebop is included to remind you of your cosmic connection to the moon. We all go through phases, embrace the journey. Some days will be bright and others may be dark, but there is certainly beauty to be found in our darkness and light. Carry this to remind you to connect with the moon, our cosmic mother, as she shines so lovingly on us from above.


Patchouli Lavender Lotion: Just as we nourish our souls, it is important to nourish our skin and senses as well! Use this lotion in ritual as you apply it and allow it’s beautiful fragrance to dance on and around you. It has a beautiful earthy, relaxing scent that is sure to please. Our sense of smell in ritual is so important. Use this when you do your magical workings to help signal to the Universe and yourself) that you are manifesting your magical beginning.


Sage & Palo Santo: Sage is a great tool to help create sacred space or clear energy in your home. Sage helps to remove negative or stuck energies while Palo Santo encourages positive energy. I encourage you to work with both and find your natural rhythm with them. In no time you will feel a connection to them and be able to discern what you should use in any situation.


Fancy Jasper: The soothing energy of Fancy Jasper is renowned in the healing world as a symbol of tranquility and relaxation, providing comfort and support during challenging times. This crystal’s meaning and properties are all about finding inner peace and learning to deal with difficulties efficiently. Unlike other healing stones, Fancy Jasper doesn’t make problems disappear but instead teaches you to stay level-headed, organize your thoughts, and tackle hurdles with confidence. Fancy Jasper serves as a radiant symbol of hope, inspiring a perspective that values the little joys in life and cultivates a sense of tranquility.


Sodalite Tumbled Bracelet: Opening the third eye and throat chakras, this rich stone gives you the power to take intentional action and speak your truth. Its vibration aids in personal expression and keeps you on your unique path. A great cleansing stone due to its mineral components, helps rid heavy energy. “ I think clearly and rationally and remain open to new ideas”

All items have been cleansed and Reiki charged. May they support you and nurture your soul as you move forward on your journey to your Magical Beginning.


Amen. Aho. & So it is.


With gratitude,

Stephanie Powers

Eclectic Hedge

Magical Beginnings

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