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Opalite is a man-made stone that carries gentle yet powerful energies that bring healing and transformation to body and energy bodies. Its soft and harmonious vibration brings happiness and joy to those who wear or carry it. Opalite is a stone of serenity that brings its calm and uplifting force into your life, meditation and spiritual practice, and assists you to reach the stillness within and place of self reflection, awakening the Third Eye and strengthening your connection to the spiritual, while also strengthening loving connections to those in the physical.

It enhances communication with the spiritual realm and assists one to express their deepest held feelings and experiences that lay hidden from the world and sometimes hidden from ourselves. Opalite energy comes tenderly to bring healing to the emotional body. It literally chases the blues away, washing away the old wounds and scars of the past, dissolving depression and anxiety. It balances the masculine and feminine aspect of the Sacral Chakra bringing healing to sexual and creative energy, while also balancing our inner and outer worlds. It leaves behind the residual energy of its peaceful and loving nature, instilling a strong sense of stability and self-confidence, awakening our passion, grounding intuition, and instilling a renewed zest for life. Lastly, Opalite is considered to possess a magnetic quality that attracts prosperity in its myriad forms from wealth and success to love and well-being and just about everything else in between.


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