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Welcome to our Ritual Box, designed for celebrating the New & Full Moon! Join us every month as we gather online to do a ritual together and harness the energy of the moon. This box includes everything you need for your own personal moon ceremonies, including crystals for manifestation, candles for setting intentions, a journal for reflection, and sage for cleansing. Manifest your dreams and desires with the New Moon, and release what no longer serves you with the Full Moon. Embrace the magic of the lunar cycle with our Ritual Box and elevate your spiritual practice.


Your Box Includes

  • New Moon Crystals to Harness Your Intentions: Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Hematite & glass "New Moon" Beebop.
  • Full Moon Crystals to Harness Full Moon Energy: Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Howlite & locally mined selenite from Weedsport, NY.
  • Clear Quartz Generator to place in middle of grid.  Use your finger (or wand) to create your grid. Place generator in the middle and your crystals around the outside. Touch generator with your finger then the first crystal and then back to generator. Go around to all crystals doing the same in a clockwise direction. After all crystals are touched, your grid is now activated. Leave your FULL MOON grid up until the NEW MOON, then go backwards to release it. Then you can create your NEW MOON grid. At the NEW MOON, you can write your intentions and place them under the generator to help send them into the Universe.
  • Moonchild Beebop 
  • New Moon Reiki Infused Soy Candle to burn during your New Moon ritual
  • Full Moon Reiki Infused Soy Candle to burn during your Full Moon Ritual
  • California White Sage Bundle
  • Journal for recording your intentions

Ritual Box | New & Full Moon

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